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A New Way to Wellness for Harlingen

A Message from our Mayor

A healthy population is the heartbeat of our community. As leaders, we must continue to create opportunities for people to improve their lives. Together we must continue to encourage our residents to partner with us in practicing healthy habits and knocking down barriers to health screenings and needed care.

It is no secret that diseases such as diabetes and obesity are prevalent in the Rio Grande Valley affecting thousands of our friends and loved ones. We must raise awareness about these co-morbidity conditions and provide the avenues that can change lives.
The Harlingen City Commission is committed to ensuring that our residents have the tools and education needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Norma Sepulveda
Mayor, City of Harlingen


Mayor Norma Sepulveda

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Our goal is to help Harlingen become healthier and a Healthy Harlingen starts with you!

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